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Join hundreds of businesses from Africa that use Lipana to accept payments online, send payouts and manage their business.

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Fast online payments

Easily generate a payment link or invoice within seconds and receive prompt payment from clients anywhere in the world

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Multiple payment methods

Accept global payments at ease with over 80 payment methods to choose from including VISA, MasterCard, MPESA and popular cryptocurrencies.

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Easy recurring payments

Automate recurring payments with Lipana . Set up subscriptions or recurring invoices once for your business and get paid regularly.

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Go Cashless

Get a QR Code to start accepting contactless payments directly from your business premises, quickly and securely.

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Pay Contractors Easily

Make payouts to contractors , suppliers or casual workers direct to their bank account , mobile money account or crypto wallet.

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Developer API & Integrations

Start accepting payments in minutes on your website or app by tapping into our integrations or easy to understand developer API documentation.

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Simple transparent pricing.

We only make money, when you make more.
Mobile Money & Payouts


per successful transaction
Cards & Crypto


per successful transaction

What other customers are saying.

Being part of the Lipana developer community has been an incredible experience. The forums and discussion boards are filled with helpful and knowledgeable developers who are always willing to lend a hand. The webinars and meetups organized by Lipana have been insightful, providing us with valuable industry insights. Lipana truly values its developer community, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

Lipana has been instrumental in accelerating our startup's growth. Their easy-to-use integration tools allowed us to quickly accept online payments, and their multi-currency support enabled us to tap into global markets. With Lipana, we gained peace of mind knowing that our customers' transactions are secure and protected. Lipana's innovative payment solutions have been a true asset for our business

Integrating Lipana into our e-commerce platform was a game-changer for us. The documentation and APIs provided were incredibly developer-friendly, making the process seamless. Lipana's robust payment options, including mobile money and cryptocurrencies, have expanded our customer base and boosted conversions. Their exceptional support team was always there to assist us. Highly recommended!

Simplify payments in your business. Use Lipana.

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