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Lipana is built for YOU by someone just like you. We are entrepreneurs, freelancers, developers and business owners just like you.

We are building a payment system for Africans, by Africans.

It’s free to get started and there are no monthly fees.

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Our Mission

We fundamentally believe that financial inclusion in the global economy, creates opportunities for economic growth and this reduces poverty. And poverty, as we say, is the enemy.

Our mission at Lipana is to empower businesses and individuals in Africa to take control of their financial lives, by providing easy to use, affordable and secure products and services.

Our values


We are building a company that has the most powerful capabilities for payment processing.


We aim to make our system reliable and always online to serve our customers whenever they need to get paid.


Our team and system is always available to help you get paid and pay other people on time, everytime.

Meet the Team

CEO, Co-Founder

Shadrack Apollo

We are on a journey to financial inclusion for all.
CTO, Co-Founder

Hassan Kombo

Lets build solutions for Africa from the ground up.

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